WHEN TITANS COLLIDE ( Nonito vs Inoue)

Dodging a stroke of lighting is futile and so is Nonito Donaire’s left hook. That’s why they call him the FLASH! Back again to build upon his legacy and defend his WBC title against Naoya Inoue. Who has also done well for himself, aka the monster. The tension’s so thick, that you could cut it with a knife. The fans are wilding, and cameras from all around the globe are focused on this one fight. But before we jump into the nits and grits of it all, here’s why it’s such an anticipated fight.

If you’ve been following boxing for a while, you may have seen the spectacle between Donaire and Inoue on the 7th of November, 2019. They went toe to toe, putting up one hell of an action-packed fight that lasted for 12 rounds. They fought with the same intensity as one would fight to live. A lot was at stake as Donaire was defending his WBA (super) champion title, meanwhile, Inoue held the IBF and The Ring champion title. In the end, by a thin margin, Inoue won and took home all three titles! Scoring was as follows: 116–111, 117–109, and 114–113. The fight was in the limelight for weeks to come. Therefore, the history between the two makes this fight all the more important for Donaire. Not to mention, when victorious, he’ll gain back his title and more!

So be sure to show up or tune into this Pay-Per-View (PPV) match on the 7th of June. It’ll be hosted at the Saitama Super Arena, Tokyo, Japan. This match is also dubbed ‘drama in Saitama’ by the organizing body. You may view the broadcast on Prime Video in Japan as well as other outlets. This one will go down in history as one of the greatest feuds in years to come in the bantamweight class in boxing. Displaying what happens when two proficient killing machines at the pinnacle of sports and skills wage war! Winning would entitle Donaire to all three titles (IBF, The Ring, and the WBA).

But that’s not all. Champ Nonito is more than just about his fights and achievements. He has several different sides to him, away from the media, cameras, and fans. Much like most people, he has a rich character and depth. Notably, he portrays attributes of a philanthropist but more importantly that of a visionary. Trying his best along the way to positively affect the youth of not just his nation but the whole globe as he understands that they are the future. That is also why DefiSports accepts Donaire with open arms as he’s been closely working with us side-by-side to bridge the gap between blockchain technology and sports. Furthermore, playing an active role in speeding up the process to make sure that the next generation is well equipped for mass adoption of DefiSports and Cryptocurrencies as a whole. More than just an ambassador, he is a pillar of our community! Not to mention, his desire to leave behind his consciousness on the immutable blockchain. It ought to solidify his legacy eternally and it offers a way to stay connected here on Earth after his passing.

With that being said, it is irrefutable that there is more to this esteemed fighter than what meets the eye. All in all, we wish champ Nonito Donaire the best in his upcoming fight against Naoya Inoue on the 7th of June!

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DefiSports is a meeting point of virtual and real objects that make the history of sport, for collectors and fans through its cryptocurrency. #ShapeTheFuture

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DefiSports is a meeting point of virtual and real objects that make the history of sport, for collectors and fans through its cryptocurrency. #ShapeTheFuture