The importance of utilities

2 min readAug 31, 2022

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, projects come and go. New ideas are tried and tested. Sometimes attempted multiple times by multiple projects. New faces emerge every day. One may argue through this perspective that the field of cryptocurrencies is fickle in nature. And to some extent that is true.

However, this isn’t the complete picture nor is it representative of the flip side of the coin. If longevity/sustainability is the goal, the hype built through influencers and a promise of a 10 x isn’t enough. Real-world applications and utilities are the way to go.

What is required and rewarded in society is upward momentum, innovation, growth, and anything that is a direct benefit to the masses. Hence why the provision of goods and services better than the next entity is of the essence in a capitalistic system. The same principle applies to the durability and development of DefiSports.

As a result, after taking the step to migrate, building utilities has been the main focus. Along with other important areas such as networking, building awareness, and adapting to the needs of the changing landscape of cryptos.

One key utility that has continuously been worked on is the DefiSports Market Place. Over time, many adjustments had been made. Tested many times on the main net and test net.

The result of this has been positively reviewed by many of our validators. In comparison to the open sea, its codes have been written in a much more sophisticated manner as mentioned by one of our validators, and also have better safety and security. Not to mention, our market aggregator offers more than just digital NFTs. It also caters to participants looking to trade physical NFTs and other rare collectibles! Make it a one-stop shop for all things cool & trending! Eventually, we’d also like to bridge defi protocols to the assets on the marketplace, thus truly making it one of a kind and pioneering the way for other marketplaces!

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