The beginning of SportsCoin Division, Starting with “DefiSportsCoin”

3 min readJul 5, 2021
DefiSportsCoin previously known as “TysonCoin”

Dear all

Thanks for taking your time to read our first article on our new project which is the beginning of a New Asset Class in the world of Cryptocurrency.

Some of you may ask, what is so important about having a new division? It's a good question to be asked as the investment world gets to bring new products daily. I mean this is what fund managers do regularly to bring new ideas to their clients for allocation of their investments to get higher returns over time.

Today we bring a completely new division to the industry that has been thriving since the covid-19 outbreak. We have all witnessed the synergy in the markets with some of the biggest crypto names to the meme world that had a robust growth and since May 2021 market is now enjoying the correction phase before a Bull Run.

We have all witnessed the projects in the meme world, with duplicate Tokenomics and having the excuse of adding “Burns” to create a pool of Deflation and somewhat benefit the investors in the long run, however, this has further subjectively caused more “Rugpull” projects with little transparency.

Today we share a “VISION” with every reader, crypto enthusiast, writer, and investor.

We at DefiSportsCoin are very proud of this moment as we bring this New DIVISON into cryptocurrency that has never been done before.

Our “Vision” is to set up the first-ever Sports Blockchain that will integrate DefiSportsCoin as a use-case for various purposes. Don’t worry we are sure by now you must be questioning if the team is doxxed.

Yes, the whole team is transparent and has revealed their identities and profiles to the community, a great team that believes in full transparency is aligned with the radical idea that Blockchains represented in the beginning. However many crypto users are still afraid of revealing their identities, but that is how Satoshi left a footprint behind to remain anonymous forever, for him it's exceptional.

Why DefiSportsCoin? What is a Sports Blockchain? What is the future of Sports on the Blockchain? Why make a new division? You must be going through all these questions, and you have the right to be brainstorming!

This has never been achieved before and we are the Pioneers to honor this evolution by building a successful Blueprint for a Multi-Billion Dollar extension into the crypto industry.

Our goal is to Bridge successful communication between sports brands, sports channels, athletes and different leagues of sports” on our Blockchain. Our mission is to create a future for sports that will be a Defi Hub for practical uses such as viewing, interacting, purchasing, connecting with your favorite sports and respective athletes.

Thanks to Mr. Bitcoin Man aka Herbert R Sim for recently reaching out to our team. His personality has been important in the industry since 2010.

He has been advising the team and has been working closely together on day to day activities to set up a successful foundation. There are endless possibilities with our vision to the project and he is helping us realize the methods of achieving those visions.

Stay Tuned for the second article! Visit our Twitter for more recent updates and join our telegram group for daily voice chats/updates.

Many important “Personalities” will be joining TYSONCOIN, this is just the beginning of a new Division and you don’t want to MISS OUT!!

ICO coming soon…..

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DefiSports is a meeting point of virtual and real objects that make the history of sport, for collectors and fans through its cryptocurrency. #ShapeTheFuture