Nonito Donaire: The Flash

4 min readDec 3, 2021


In the world of boxing, there are those that come in and make a name for themselves in the ring. Then there are those that compel the whole sports sector to raise the bar and propel it into the next era. Defisports is proud to announce that we have partnered with such an anomaly to represent us as an ambassador, Nonito Donaire!

Standing at 1.7 meters tall, Nonito wasn’t always a world-class boxing champion. His humble beginnings began in General Santos City. Yes, the same city and school as the legend Manny Pacquiao. Much of his early influence to step into the ring was derived from his father and older brother as they were already actively boxing. It was at this stage did he discover his signature left hook.

Fast forward 20 years, he’s now known as the Flash and is a 5-time world champion across 4 weight classes from flyweight to featherweight. His achievements are unparalleled in the game, his discipline is fanatic, his style is immaculate, his grit is unending. Not to mention, he has outlasted most competitors as boxing careers usually last about 10 years. Adored by fans all over the world but especially in his home country as he is considered the face of Filipino boxing!

However, Nonito isn’t just another A-list celebrity. He is a forward thinker and a man of virtue. His ambitions extend much further than the records he sets and the belts he collects. Having skin in the game, he has also been through challenges that many aspiring athletes face and pondered upon how they can be elevated. That is why when he was introduced to the vision and team of DefiSports through his finance manager Miguel, he instantly clicked with the team and was hooked to the idea of establishing an ecosystem that can be highly beneficial for the next generation of athletes and supersedes the current infrastructure. From there onwards, the champ was determined to Shape The Future.

After lengthy consultations with his legal advisors and managers, Nonito officially signed with DefiSports as an athlete on the 1st of December, 2021. The thing with the champ is that when he commits himself to a goal, he works relentlessly and doesn’t spare a moment to manifest it, and has already scheduled a few events. Notably, he will be giving an interview on the television network, SHOWTIME! It is where he will be exhibiting exclusive DefiSports apparel and educating millions of viewers globally.

Moreover, he and his crew will also be advertising DefiSports by wearing the merch on his upcoming pay-per-view fight on the 11th of December. Where between 2.5 million to 50 million viewers will tune in to witness the prodigy in his prime. In addition to the previous point, the city of Carson will be fully backing him as they are going to shut down the whole city in his name and also lay down a red carpet. His match will be displayed in Media outlets all over California. It will be a night to remember!

Finally, he has collaborated with DefiSports to release tier 1 media marketing including but not limited to Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, Cointelegraph, SF Gate, and more!

All in all, the team is looking forward to working with the champ to create a prosperous environment where athletes from all backgrounds will be given a fair opportunity to prevail and also to evolve the current state of the sports industry. Thank you for reading!





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