Exclusive Gaming/NFT Platform

As time draws closer to the launch of the Hybrid platform, consequentially so does the community’s desire to learn more about it grows. In this article, we will explain in-depth the ins and outs of the staking platform.

Our platform has unique features that make it stand out as it integrates two utilities. They are the NFT marketplace and the gaming room which will generate revenue to contribute towards the APY. The APY is referred to as the annual percentage yield. Central to the whole platform is the staking vault where you can stake your coins to benefit from the APY generated from these utilities. It is important to note that the APY is not fixed, it will vary. However, due to the nature of these utilities, the APY will more than likely be monstrous due to the explanation below.

First of all, the NFT marketplace will generate the APY through the sales of all the signed athletes’ NFT’s. For example, let’s assume that the NFT of athlete XYZ sells for 500 Bnb. 50% will go back to the respective athlete, 30% will be funneled into the staking vault and 20% will be directed to the operational wallet. 30% of 500 Bnb is a staggering 150 Bnb and that would be from just one NFT. Keep in mind that there are multiple athletes and will have their own collection of NFTs! This by itself will catapult the APY to unheard-of heights. Not to mention, we will also be coming out with our very own merchandise. They will be the physical equivalent of the athletes’ NFTs. They will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Secondly, our gaming room will be one-of-a-kind. It will feature exclusive games one of which is the Casino Slots. Out of the revenue it generates, 80% will flow into the staking pool while 20% of the returns will flow into the operational wallet. Moreover, we will also be featuring an Esports division in the near future. The idea of which is that two or more people that could be the team members, athletes, or practically anyone from the community will compete against each other in an Esport/online game to come out on top. The audience will be able to place bets on who they believe will win. In which, relative to the pool size that is staked at the time, the winners of the bet will receive their ROI. The remaining funds will be directed to the staking vault. Also, prizes will be given out to the participating winner or winning team.

With that being said, our staking platform will be a highly sought out feature from our holders due to its attractive returns and capabilities. Thank you for reading.



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