5 min readJul 8, 2021

Everything that has become successful has a dedicated team of passionate people working hard to make sure that it thrives.

Nobody can say that Neil Armstrong went to the moon by himself. DefiSportsCoin accomplishments will be no different.

Making sure that every decision we make is well-thought-out and of the utmost quality to build our foundation on rock instead of sand.

Kevin Bilal (CEO)

A man of integrity and ethics. Currently at the age of 28. He was born and raised in Hong Kong and is highly ambitious. His attitude is always ready to tackle any challenges that are set forth. He has always had an entrepreneurial mindset as he has built up a few businesses from the ground up and then scaled them accordingly. On a day-to-day basis, he interacts with the community, oversees the team, sets goals for everyone, and holds conference meetings. Part of what he also does is attract large investors. This vital skill was used to attract a big personality such as Mr.Herbert himself. He has proven how a leader should manage his time with his team, his tasks, the community, his personal life, and anyone else involved. His dedication to the project is absolute as he puts his work above everything else including spending time with his newborn child! Furthermore, he also brought the team together. He basically observed how each individual worked on other crypto projects and interviewed us all personally. Testing our skills, abilities, level of commitment, etc. He then decided to bring us on board the project. Kevin serves as a role model to the team and the community as to how a person can start at the bottom and work his way up to the top!

Jason Yuan (CTO)

Born and raised in Beijing, a true visionary for the future of technology & machine learning. He pursued a Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of Adelaide and majored in Artificial Intelligence as he was fond of machine learning, computer vision, and big data processing. At the ripe age of 27, he is now the Chief Technology Officer at DefiSportsCoin and has outdone himself on multiple occasions. His responsibilities mainly include but are not limited to working on the smart contract, giving his input in the group meetings, etc. His articulate personality is vital to deciding and completing important tasks. He is always looking to either improve or set the standards higher for the next task.

MasryMoustapha (COO)

A sincere and hardworking member of the team. He was born and raised in Paris. He is mentally gifted as he holds a master’s degree in marketing and data analytics. This is also reflected in the contributions he puts forth in DefiSportsCoin as a Chief Operations Officer as he works extremely hard and makes sure that those under him are working hard day in and day out. Whether it be on working on the smart contract or front facing the communications. Lastly, a quote he lives by, ‘science at the service of man, making tomorrow a dream and this dream a reality.

Kyle Drope (Marketing Director)

A charming 27-year-old with the ability to think outside the box. He was born and raised in Ohio. He has been in automotive sales and management for almost a decade now. His way with words is immaculate. His contributions to DefiSportsCoin are immense as he can confidently speak to everyone. He can deal with people from all walks of life. He also brings brilliant marketing strategies during team meetings and teaches everyone how to deploy them. Furthermore, he is spearheading social media, is involved in the giveaway/contest and media coverages. Making sure that DefiSportsCoin is as loud as possible.

Wessel Roks (Head of communications)

He is a 27-year-old born and raised in Holland. He is a man of many talents as he studied logistics and was in IT. Additionally, he has been working in customer care for 5 years up until recently. Due to his job, he has extensive knowledge of customer engagement and effective communication. That is reflected in his efforts in the community’s daily voice chats and his accommodating attitude in the chat. Moreover, he also assists the web designer in creating posters and such.

Syed Daniyal Saleem (Head of communications)

A 24-year-old born and raised in Hong Kong. He is as ambitious as he is hardworking. His involvement in the project is that he is there to answer and tend to any ideas and questions by the DefiSportsCoin community. Moreover, the hosts the daily voice chats in the telegram group along with the head of marketing, informing the community of any updates, news releases, or respond to other queries from the community. He is also responsible for writing a majority of the articles. He is the mouthpiece of the community to the team making sure that their voices are heard.

Mohammad Maavia (Web Developer)

Aged 24. Born and raised in Pakistan. He is a smart and hardworking web developer with a lot of experience in UI design and has done exceptionally well in building and maintaining the DefiSportsCoin website.


In summary, the team is internationally based and well-diversified, bringing a variety of unique perspectives with well-equipped skills to pioneer our massive vision. To shape the future of a New Division/Asset Class in the cryptocurrency industry and for future integration on our Sports Blockchain as a use-case.




DefiSports is a meeting point of virtual and real objects that make the history of sport, for collectors and fans through its cryptocurrency. #ShapeTheFuture