Envisioning the Future

As we turn the page, a new chapter of DefiSports commences. With that, we have several updates to look forward to it. To name a few, shifting to the Ethereum Network, NFTs, Merch, play-to-earn games, staking pool, a revised website and so much more!

First off as most investors are aware, the team has made the bold decision to move to the Ethereum Network with respect to the growing demand for the athletes’ NFTs. The change also brings ease of scalability, expansion, and migration into a highly liquid and prospective market. Thus, being able to better cater to the high profile NFTs. These advantages will be catalytic to the growth of the project and allow DefiSports to reach out to a wider audience.

It’s also noteworthy that along with the shift to the Ethereum Network, DefiSports is also bringing its very own state of the NFT marketplace. Lightyears ahead of the game simply due to the fact that the marketplace is 100% decentralized and incorporates a user-friendly layout with an elegant design. Second to none, it is capable of rivaling established players in the space and making a killing in the process. Not to mention, cyber security and privacy are top-notch. Ensuring, that every user has a stress-free and enjoyable experience browsing the gallery. In the long run, the NFTs are on track to integrate into play to earn games.

Delving deeper into NFTs, they won’t just be limited to digital forms. Here at DefiSports, we like to stay ahead of the curve. That’s why we’ll also offer physical NFTs in the form of merchandise. A few will be based editions based on our athletes, giving them prestige like none other. Making them not just timeless urban wear but also symbolic in the sense that it serves as a glimpse into the future where the blockchain has integrated into our daily lives. Owning a piece is quintessential to those seeking to ride the next big wave in cryptocurrencies before everyone else.

That being said, another feature to look forward to is the play-to-earn games. Made with quality and user experience in mind, this platform is well coded and aims to evolve into the face of crypto gaming on web3! Having a selection of games to choose from, users can play to earn more! Yes, you read that right, they can monetize their leisure time by immersing themselves in the gaming experience of their choice. Leaving them no choice but to be glued to their screens all day!

Central to the games and NFTs in the staking vault. Storing reserves as liquidity to ensure smooth operability of DefiSports’ ecosystem. Without it, wagering bets, purchasing and auctioning NFTs, paying off winners, generating cash flow for investors that have staked their coins and a few other functions would not be possible to execute.

Finally, DefiSports will also be revamping its website by giving it a fresh new look. Changes to the content itself will be made basically as keeping up with the shifting landscape of the world of cryptocurrencies.

All in all, as mentioned, there’s a plethora of exciting events and new releases to look forward to as we shift to the ETH network. Large-scale development, deploying utilities, and brand recognition through athletes are just the tip of the iceberg of a project that will revolutionize how we interact with sports!

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DefiSportsCoin $DSC is a Defi smart community coin.

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DefiSportsCoin $DSC is a Defi smart community coin.

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