🟦 Dream in Blue 🟦

4 min readAug 31, 2023


A name. A brand. A vision.

Although the name may have evolved, it was once incubated as a single idea inside the mind of an entrepreneur, with no physical boundaries. Now matured into a fully-fledged business, it spans several industries, focusing in particular on a duo that will go on to shape a trillion-dollar market, namely sports and cryptocurrencies. However, not unlike any creation process, it wasn’t always smooth sailing. It was rather one filled with obstacles, dilemmas, and hardships that required true grit and a stern capability to weather the storms. This was achieved in a remarkable fashion by giving very little compromise to quality or consistency.

Upon such an accomplishment, the company gained a lofty reputation amongst some of the more sophisticated echelons, withstanding the rigorous test of time. This highlighted in particular what passion backed by resilience can produce, something that DefiSports holds in abundance. The company kept building in the wake of sizeable organizations crumbling, even those with a plethora of resources at their disposal. It became a common occurrence to see ‘neighboring’ projects become reduced to rubble, especially during the height of the bear market. As can be found in nature after a wildfire, the clearings that arose provided the company with space to blossom and expand. The core team members took advantage of this opportunity and gleaned significant knowledge and experience, honing their skill sets along the way.

With that being said, we as a community needed a symbol that represented everything that has transpired over the years, as it is vital for any success story to provide a concrete representation of our qualities, ideas, and concepts that were developed over time. Acting as a means or key to the deeper levels of human consciousness. Being present in all endeavors. They evoke visualization and sentiments deep within our basal ganglia, which is the hub of our subconscious also known as the basement of our brain.

We are delighted to publicize that 🟦 has been chosen to be the symbol representing DefiSports due to a myriad of reasons. Being the colour that it is, it’s an expression of the tranquil blue yonder. Truly a colour signifying the open canvas that is the limitless sky, a reflection of unparalleled potential to conquer any form of opposition. Be it internal or external. More than just a symbol, it’s also known to cause the body to release chemicals that are calming while regulating your heartbeat. Thus, promoting health and well-being, increasing awareness, focus, and cardiovascular health.

Blue is often associated with qualities like trust, reliability, professionalism, and calmness. Brands that use blue in their colour scheme often aim to convey a sense of stability, security, and dependability to their audience. It’s a colour that’s frequently used by tech companies, financial institutions, healthcare organisations, and social media platforms to build trust and create a sense of credibility.

By the same token, our symbol 🟦 is also exemplary of DefiSports’ community’s diverse culture and background, spanning throughout all continents with permanent human habitation. In a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected, we as a community have emerged as powerful catalysts for positive change. Embracing these values not only enriches us but also fosters a sense of belonging and understanding among different individuals from different backgrounds. Facilitating a tapestry of perspectives, cultural exchanges, enhanced creativity, constructive competition, social cohesion empathy. Together, we can create a world where everyone feels increasingly valued, respected, and included.

Another allure of the symbol 🟦 is its clear and bold lines that encapsulate the spirit of sportsmanship. It highlights the similarities between the qualities required in both the arena and the business world. Advocating that its sleek design invigorates discipline, resilience, and teamwork are essential in all aspects. It also emphasizes the idea that every obstacle or challenge should be seen as an opportunity to be seized for growth and progress, ultimately leading to success. As it is essential to stay focused and determined in order to achieve victory in any endeavor.

Finally, our symbol 🟦 signifies not only wealth but also good fortune. Representing our collective business goals and our unwavering dedication to being advantageous for all that are involved. Serving as a visual representation of our commitment to fostering sustainable and inclusive growth, where every member of our community can reap the benefits. through our symbol 🟦, we aim to create a thriving environment where everyone can thrive and succeed as one. All of the above can be encapsulated into this one small symbol, with a reach that spans the globe.

Thank you for reading! 🟦




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