DefiSports’ NFT marketplace

3 min readNov 24, 2021

If you haven’t checked out our article on the hybrid platform that is about launch within the next two weeks, here is the link: It goes into detail on how the platform as a whole operates and how staking will work.

However, the focus of this article is to get into the specifics of the NFT marketplace within the hybrid platform. Throughout the process of building and test running the state-of-the-art marketplace, we’ve always had the end-user and ambiance in mind. Making sure that the schematics of the collections are designed in a way that the user succumbs to the world of DefiSports and desires for more.

To break it down, the innovative and captivating marketplace will offer two types of NFT’s. The first type will be in the form of the traditional NFTs that are present in cyberspace and the second type will be unique in the sense that it will be physical. To attain one, bidders will start by bidding above a starting price and consequentially the person with the highest bid will triumph. We will then package it and ship it out. Not to mention, we will cover the transportation cost and ship it out to the winner.

Starting with the physical NFT’s, it will be a collection of 51 shirts based on Kazuki Takahashi and will all be individual collections. What sets these apart is that each and every piece is handmade by skilled professionals. Each shirt will consist of a separate QR code which will link back to the marketplace and the blockchain. Thus, being able to verify that it is indeed the original limited edition NFT. For example, let’s assume that I was fortunate in acquiring the NO#3 Kazuki Takahashi edition shirt by out bidding everyone else. As soon as I have obtained it, I or anyone else will be able to verify the wallet address that owns the merch and what value was it bidded for.

As for our digital NFTs, they will be in a format that the general public is accustomed to. Much like in the pictures below. However, with our twist to it. The first series we will exhibit to be auctioned will be the Kazuki Takahashi series which will only have 10 pieces in total.

It is also important to note that there will only be one central staking pool for the whole platform with a minimum of 1-month lock on the amount staked. Afterward, you may unstake your coins at your convenience. To be more thorough on how the NFT marketplace operates, the transactions will occur in DSC but the bidding itself will be conducted in BNB. Otherwise, utilizing DSC will disrupt the liquidity pool. Thus, deterring potential investors from buying DSC.

Furthermore, the athletes that will have their NFT’s made for will receive their percentage in the form of BNB. Whereas, the percentage of BNB raised from the sales to divert to the liquidity pool will be in the form of DSC. Thank you for reading!





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