DefiSports — Company Report

3 min readAug 8, 2022

With the passage of time, the only thing that’s consistent is change. For that reason, it’s important to adjust according to the shifting environment/circumstances as new challenges and opportunities come and go. With that being said, Cryptocurrency and the movement as a whole is much like a blank canvas where the youth of today set in motion the development of tomorrow.

Likewise, Defisports has also kept up with the times. It had its humble beginnings as a traditional crypto with the vision to evolve the sports industry by capitalizing on untapped potential in the market. This would be achieved by developing an ecosystem that is to the benefit of athletes by leveling the playing field through transparency. However, as you may have guessed, over time it was evident that there was much to build upon a strong foundation.

Defisports became all-encompassing. As it now also represents a lifestyle, a brand that promotes healthy living, sports, and much more. Gone are the days when it was one-dimensional much like a lot of other coins in the space. In addition to its primary goals, DSC is headed in a direction where culture, gaming, lifestyle, and art are all important factors in play. Dabbling into a wider range of markets such as apparel, Web3, and the metaverse. Not to mention, all the athletes that it has taken along on its voyage to shaping up the future.

Nevertheless, all the preparation and planning is meaningless if it isn’t timed right. Fortunately, through an in-depth study of not just cryptos but also the global markets, we’ve been able to decipher how it all comes together and how money works. Nothing is really independent, rather it is all interdependent. After careful consideration and analysis, we as a team concluded to delay the launch on the Ethereum network back in 2021, as a market crash was imminent. Therefore, it was the worst possible time to launch as consumer confidence was on a rapid descent and all cryptos were also on a sharp decline. Had we not been conscious of these adverse market conditions, Defisports would be struggling to stay afloat, to say the least.

That being said, it’s crucial that our launch ought be at around the same timeframe as when the market bottoms out. By doing so, we’ll be able to ensure steady growth. Also, the benefit of launching at the beginning of a bull run in itself will provide a sort of safety net for investors for any pullbacks that may occur. Overall, this was a strategic move that will benefit early investors and the stability of Defisports. In addition, as we’ve seen over the years, all crypto projects that ended up prevailing launched at the start of a bull run, i.e. FTX (May 2019 ) & Binance (July 2017). This speaks volumes about the potential & stability of DefiSports.

To summarize, the struggle we’ve encountered last year was enormous. Fighting against all odds, standing strong in the face of adversity & rejection, all the sleepless nights and more. It was an uphill battle to say the least. Clearly, it was grit and a strong belief in the vision that kept us going. This year on the contrary has been a game changer. We’ve been able to leverage the foundation we’ve built upon to catapult us to new heights. We are proud to say that everything we had envisioned is manifesting itself into reality! That being said, DefiSports has a bright future ahead!

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DefiSports is a meeting point of virtual and real objects that make the history of sport, for collectors and fans through its cryptocurrency. #ShapeTheFuture